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I loved reading this : )

It's dark in these tubes Kate, and I've been trying to tap out messages, but since I never actually learned morse code, I'm worried that my request for help will end up as a very puzzling, dirty limerick in the hands of a thoroughly baffled cryptologist.

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I watch a lot of videos of cabin rides in trains. You get to see what the driver of the train sees. I find them relaxing, and I like the sound of the train. It's my favourite mode of transportation.

Sometimes there are a lot of tunnels, and these used to annoy me, because I'm a bit impatient. But with one particular video that had many tunnels, I sort of surrendered at some point. I let myself sink into the gloomy atmosphere, just kind of drifting. But then the light would appear, just a pin at first. Before I knew it I emerged from the tunnel and I'm thrown into the most beautiful vista. It's always worth it.

I agree that life is mostly tunnels, but without them we wouldn't appreciate that jolt of exhilaration each time we come out of one.

Also, I don't think it was possible, but you've made me love mustelids.

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seriously love this. forwarding it on to some people

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I needed to read this so much, thank you 💜

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